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Our marbled paper can be bought directly from our Etsy store where we regularly add new products.

Made-to-order Venetian Marbled Paper

We also produce marbled or combed designs to order. If you require large quantities, please contact us by email using the form on the Contact page, specifying the quantity required and the delivery address so that we can calculate discounts and shipping costs.

You can select a pattern from the Patterns page and specify which colours you prefer (any colour can be combined with any pattern).

We use 50x70 cm sheets of neutral (acid-free) white or ivory paper, 90-120 g/m2.

The marbling work is carried out entirely done by hand, following the traditional bath marbling technique.

This means that small imperfections may be visible, but these are not to be considered defects, but rather testimony the fact that these are handcrafted products: each sheet is one-off item.

Arzanàrt Venetian marbled paper is sent in a cardboard tube via Italian Post.

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