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About Us

Arzanàrt is an artistic workshop that produces handmade Venetian marbled paper.

This art form allows you to design and create decorations from oil paints floating on water. The resulting patterns recall marble or stone veining.

Using a number of simple tools (combs), complex and evocative compositions can be created.

The technique was first employed in East Asia in the ninth century A.D. and expanded to the Middle East around the fifteenth / sixteenth century.

First used in Venice in 1600, marbled paper was a decorative element for book covers and other objects.

Marbled paper sheets can be displayed in a frame or applied to any other support.

Marbling is also used to decorate panels, canvas or other surfaces.

In recent last years, it has also been used to decorate different materials such as fabrics or three-dimensional objects.

At our workshop in Venice, we use ancient techniques to create works that are inspired by tradition, but which allow us to experiment with new ideas. Every single sheet of our Venetian marbled paper is made with the utmost care and, because we make our products by hand, each one is unique and unrepeatable.

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